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Mikler, John - The Handbook of Global Companies, ebook

The Handbook of Global Companies

Mikler, John


The Handbook of Global Companies brings together original research addressing the latest theories and empirical analysis surrounding the role of global companies in local, national, and international governance.Offers new insights into the role of global

Lawrence, Peter - Enterprise in Action: A Guide To Entrepreneurship, ebook

Enterprise in Action: A Guide To Entrepreneurship

Lawrence, Peter


An authoritative guide to understanding and mastering the core issues and competencies involved in entrepreneurial success
Where do entrepreneurial opportunities arise? How do successful entrepreneurs exploit trends? What is the role of innovation in entrepreneurship? How do companies

Doeuff, René Le - Rotating Electrical Machines, ebook

Rotating Electrical Machines

Doeuff, René Le


  General equations of electromechanical energy conversion are established early in the treatment of the topic and then applied to synchronous, induction and DC machines. The primary characteristics of these machines are established