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Canton, James - Out of Essex, ebook

Out of Essex

Canton, James


Beyond the brash modern stereotypes of Essex there exists a landscape that has inspired some of England's finest writing. This book tracks the paths of those literary figures who have ventured into the wilder parts of Essex. Some are illustrious names:

Lu, Yichen - HIV/AIDS Treatment in Resource Poor Countries, ebook

HIV/AIDS Treatment in Resource Poor Countries

Lu, Yichen


Table of contents
1. Prevention of HIV Infection in the Absence of a Vaccine
Max Essex, Vladimir Novitsky
2. Study Report on Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission for HIV-Infected Pregnant Women in Yunnan Province
Zengquan Zhou, Kathrine Meyers, Qingling Chen, Yunfei Lao, Haoyu Qian
3. Antiretroviral

Stevens, Phil - Sporting Heroes of Essex and East London 1960-2000, ebook

Sporting Heroes of Essex and East London 1960-2000

Stevens, Phil


Despite their international success, they proudly shared the same working-class East London/Essex background and always remained loyal to their roots. This book takes a unique look at the lives and characters of these two sporting heroes, comparing and contrasting

Owen, Brian - A Man For All Seasons, ebook

A Man For All Seasons

Owen, Brian


In these days of highly-paid football celebrities, Brian Owen isn’t a household name, yet over the course of the last six decades he has become the only man to have held four different positions; player, coach, scout and physiotherapist in all four…

Cowlin, Chris - The Clacton-on-Sea Quiz Book, ebook

The Clacton-on-Sea Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


With 100 questions designed to test your knowledge of the Essex town The Clacton-on-Sea Quiz Book is guaranteed to get you thinking. So whether you want to have fun with family and friends or learn more about the town you grew up in, this book is guaranteed to be as

Kimber, Kim - The Southend-on-Sea Quiz Book, ebook

The Southend-on-Sea Quiz Book

Kimber, Kim


Do you live in Southend-on-Sea? Maybe you grew up there as a child or have fond memories of holidays spent in the area? Whatever Southend means to you, this book will test your memory of the people and places that have shaped the town over the years.…

Ponder, Francis - Step This Way... Mr Lynam, ebook

Step This Way... Mr Lynam

Ponder, Francis


Francis Ponder grew up with football and loved the game from the moment he first kicked a ball. He also spent nearly thirty years as a football commentator, reporting on the fortunes of his beloved team, Colchester United. For sixty-five years, Francis…

Bailey, Ted - A Major soldier, ebook

A Major soldier

Bailey, Ted


He embarked on a 36-year long career with the Essex Regiment when he left his tiny rural community and enlisted a few weeks after the death of Queen Victoria. This remarkable journey took him far away from England to the colonies, the beaches of Gallipoli and the trenches