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Heitler, William J. - The Neuroethology of Predation and Escape, ebook

The Neuroethology of Predation and Escape

Heitler, William J.


   The aim of this book is to illuminate the design principles of escape and predatory behaviours using a series of case histories from different animal groups and to emphasize the convergent evolution of neural circuitry that optimizes the chances of survival. Using

Negri, Antonio - Diary of an Escape, ebook

Diary of an Escape

Negri, Antonio


This book is Negri's diary in which he tells of his imprisonment, trial, the elections, and his escape to and exile in France. Both personal and political, it recounts a little known aspect of Negri's life and will be of great interest to anyone concerned with the

Billington, M. J. - Means of Escape from Fire, ebook

Means of Escape from Fire

Billington, M. J.


The provision of an adequate means of escape from fire is fundamental to the design of new buildings and to the alteration, change of use or extension of existing buildings. It is essential that means of escape are considered at the earliest stage of

Stafford, William - Escape From Vultures' Moon, ebook

Escape From Vultures' Moon

Stafford, William


The frontier world of Vultures' Moon faces destruction unless Jed and his remarkable Horse can put a stop to a marauding bunch of killers, a mysterious device and the resurgence of an old enemy. This third visit to the wild west planet could well be…