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Foundation, Novartis - Transport and Trafficking in the Malaria-Infected Erythrocyte, ebook

Transport and Trafficking in the Malaria-Infected Erythrocyte

Foundation, Novartis


There is an urgent need to uncover new therapies that will protect against malaria, as the parasite becomes increasingly resistant to available drugs and this book offers insights into three interrelated aspects of the malaria-infected erythrocyte:
* The transport of solutes into and out of the infected cell and the use

Arjunan, Satya Nanda Vel - E-Cell System, ebook

E-Cell System

Arjunan, Satya Nanda Vel


Table of contents
Part 1. Basic Concepts
1. Introduction to Whole Cell Modeling
Pawan K. Dhar
2. Foundations of E-Cell Simulation Environment Architecture
Nathan Addy, Koichi Takahashi
3. Distributed Cell Biology Simulations with the E-Cell System
Masahiro Sugimoto
4. A Guide to Modeling Reaction-Diffusion

Danek, Adrian - Neuroacanthocytosis Syndromes, ebook

Neuroacanthocytosis Syndromes

Danek, Adrian


Table of contents
1. Neuroacanthocytosis Syndromes: What Links Red Blood Cells and Neurons?
Adrian Danek
2. The Differential Diagnosis of Neuroacanthocytosis: An Overview
François Tison
3. Acanthocytes and Disorders of Lipoprotein Metabolism
Khalid Al-Shali, Robert A. Hegele
4. Levine-Critchley Syndrome

Ness, Paul M. - BeadChip Molecular Immunohematology, ebook

BeadChip Molecular Immunohematology

Ness, Paul M.


Implementation of the BioArray Human Erythrocyte Antigen (HEA) BeadChip™ System: The Spanish Red Cross Blood Centre of Madrid, Spain Experience
Luisa Barea García, Emma Castro Izaguirre
10. Looking Beyond HEA: Matching SCD Patients for RH Variants

Durán, Nelson - Nanotoxicology, ebook


Durán, Nelson


Assessing the Erythrocyte Toxicity of Nanomaterials: From Current Methods to Biomolecular Surface Chemistry Interactions
Luis A. Visani Luna, Diego Stéfani T. Martinez, Oswaldo L. Alves
17. Toxicity of Nanomaterials to Microorganisms: Mechanisms, Methods,

Danek, Adrian - Neuroacanthocytosis Syndromes II, ebook

Neuroacanthocytosis Syndromes II

Danek, Adrian


Neuroacanthocytosis-Related Changes in Erythrocyte Membrane Organization and Function
G. J. C. G. M. Bosman, L. de Franceschi
11. McLeod Syndrome: A Perspective from Japanese Blood Centers
Y. Tani, J. Takahashi, M. Tanaka, H. Shibata
III. Animal Models

Dunphy, Cherie H. - Molecular Pathology of Hematolymphoid Diseases, ebook

Molecular Pathology of Hematolymphoid Diseases

Dunphy, Cherie H.


Molecular Pathology of Hemoglobin and Erythrocyte Membrane Disorders
Murat O. Arcasoy, Patrick G. Gallagher
38. White Blood Cell and Immunodeficiency Disorders
John F. Bastian, Michelle Hernandez
39. Molecular Basis of Disorders of Hemostasis and Thrombosis

Adragna, Norma C. - Cell Volume and Signaling, ebook

Cell Volume and Signaling

Adragna, Norma C.


Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Erythrocyte Gardos Channel in Hematological Diseases
Carlo Brugnara, Lucia Franceschi, Alicia Rivera
37. Swelling-Activated Calcium-Dependent Potassium Channels In Airway Epithelial Cells
José M. Fernández-Fernández,