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Francioni, Reto - Equity Markets in Transition, ebook

Equity Markets in Transition

Francioni, Reto


Primary Market: Bringing Products to the Market
Cord Gebhardt, Jan Strecker
4. Secondary Market: Trading, Price Discovery, and Order Matching
Reto Francioni, Martin Reck, Robert A. Schwartz
5. Clearing

Sornette, Didier - Market Risk and Financial Markets Modeling, ebook

Market Risk and Financial Markets Modeling

Sornette, Didier


Financial Market and Systemic Risks
Didier Sornette, Susanne Becke
2. On the Development of Master in Finance & IT Program in a Perm State National Research University
Dmitry Andrianov, Natalya Frolova, Sergey Ivliev
3. Questions of Top Management