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Baker, John - Equality, ebook


Baker, John


Dimensions of Equality: A Framework for Theory and Action
John Baker, Kathleen Lynch, Sara Cantillon, Judy Walsh
3. The Centrality of Equality: Equality and Other Values
John Baker,

Baker, John - Affective Equality, ebook

Affective Equality

Baker, John


Which Equalities Matter? The Place of Affective Equality in Egalitarian Thinking
Kathleen Lynch, John Baker, Sara Cantillon, Judy Walsh
3. Love, Care and Solidarity: What Is and Is Not Commodifiable
Kathleen Lynch,

Cin, Firdevs Melis - Gender Justice, Education and Equality, ebook

Gender Justice, Education and Equality

Cin, Firdevs Melis


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Conceptualising Gender Justice
Firdevs Melis Cin
2. Understanding(s) of Education, Gender Justice and Human Development
Firdevs Melis Cin
3. Understanding Context: Political History, Gender Politics…

Green, Andy - Education, Equality and Social Cohesion, ebook

Education, Equality and Social Cohesion

Green, Andy


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Education and the Rediscovery of Social Cohesion
Andy Green, John Preston, Jan Germen Janmaat
2. Education and Social Cohesion: Re-Centring the Debate
Andy Green, John Preston, Jan Germen Janmaat

Burn, Nalini - Financing for Gender Equality, ebook

Financing for Gender Equality

Burn, Nalini


Financing for Gender Equality: Reframing and Prioritizing Public Expenditures to Promote Gender Equality
Stephanie Seguino
3. Financing for Gender Equality: How to Budget in Compliance with Human Rights Standards

Phillips, Anne - Which Equalities Matter?, ebook

Which Equalities Matter?

Phillips, Anne


Political equalities matter more than ever, while economic inequality is accepted almost as a fact of life. It is the separation between economic and political that lies at the heart of this book.

Sabbagh, Daniel - Equality and Transparency, ebook

Equality and Transparency

Sabbagh, Daniel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Daniel Sabbagh
Part 1. Assessing Justifications for Affirmative Action
2. The Corrective Justice Paradigm
Daniel Sabbagh
3. The Diversity Paradigm
Daniel Sabbagh
4. A Strategic and Consequentialist…

Casolari, Federico - The Principle of Equality in EU Law, ebook

The Principle of Equality in EU Law

Casolari, Federico


Equality and States: Are Some States More ‘Equal’ than Others?
1. The Principle of Equality Among Member States of the European Union
Lucia Serena Rossi
2. Equality Among Member States and Differentiated Integration