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Koh, Jae Myong - Green Infrastructure Financing, ebook

Green Infrastructure Financing

Koh, Jae Myong


Table of contents
Part I. The Importance of Green Infrastructure
1. Seedlings of Change
Jae Myong Koh
2. Green Infrastructure to Pursue Two Visions
Jae Myong Koh
Part II. The Strategy to Spread Green Infrastructure Globally
3. A Game-Changing Strategy: A Business Approach for Environmental Issues

Huang, Yongfu - Aid Effectiveness for Environmental Sustainability, ebook

Aid Effectiveness for Environmental Sustainability

Huang, Yongfu


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Yongfu Huang, Unai Pascual
2. Foreign Aid for Capacity Building to Address Climate Change
David Victor
3. Lessons Learnt about Foreign Aid for Climate Change Related Capacity-Building
Zexian Chen, Jingjing He
4. The Effectiveness of Foreign Aid for Sustainable Energy

Obi, Michiyo - Environmental Risk Mitigation, ebook

Environmental Risk Mitigation

Obi, Michiyo


Economic Growth, Technological Development, and Environmental Performance
Barbara Weiss, Michiyo Obi
4. Decarbonization and Clean Energy Technology Research and Development
Barbara Weiss, Michiyo Obi
5. Climate Change Mitigation and Clean Energy Technology

Cressy, Robert - Entrepreneurship, Finance, Governance and Ethics, ebook

Entrepreneurship, Finance, Governance and Ethics

Cressy, Robert


Corporate Governance and Business Strategies for Climate Change and Environmental Mitigation
Raj Aggarwal, Sandra Dow
15. The Role of Mutual Funds in Deterring Corporate Fraud in China
Wenxuan Hou, Edward Lee, Konstantinos Stathopoulos
16. Institutional

Jajuga, Krzysztof - Contemporary Trends and Challenges in Finance, ebook

Contemporary Trends and Challenges in Finance

Jajuga, Krzysztof


Impacts of Urban Environmental Attributes on Residential Housing Prices in Warsaw (Poland): Spatial Hedonic Analysis of City Districts
Magdalena Ligus, Piotr Peternek
16. Macro- and Microprudential Regulations and Their Effects on Procyclicality of Solvency

Ren, Bingqiang - Chinese Environmental Governance, ebook

Chinese Environmental Governance

Ren, Bingqiang


Institutions and Policies in Environmental Governance
2. A Survey of Environmental Deterrence in China’s Evolving Regulatory Framework
Anna Brettell
3. Does Cadre Turnover Help or Hinder China’s Green Rise? Evidence