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Maes, Frank - Marine Resource Damage Assessment, ebook

Marine Resource Damage Assessment

Maes, Frank


Estimating Damages Under the 2004 EC Directive on Environmental Liability
Edward H. P. Brans
2. Environmental Damage and Belgian Law
Laurent Proot, Hubert Bocken
3. Compensation for Ecological Damage and Latvian Law
Laila Medin
Part II.. International

Rao, Pinninti Krishna - Climate Change Loss and Damage, ebook

Climate Change Loss and Damage

Rao, Pinninti Krishna


Table of contents
1. Climate Change Governance
Krishna Rao Pinninti
2. Approaches for Assessing Loss and Damage
Krishna Rao Pinninti
3. International Environmental Law
Krishna Rao Pinninti
4. Global Climate Finance
Krishna Rao Pinninti
5. New Frameworks for Financing and Governance of Loss

Baldi, Elisabetta - Genetic Damage in Human Spermatozoa, ebook

Genetic Damage in Human Spermatozoa

Baldi, Elisabetta


Table of contents
1. Structure of Chromatin in Spermatozoa
Lars Björndahl, Ulrik Kvist
2. Genomic Changes in Spermatozoa of the Aging Male
Chiara Chianese, Sara Brilli, Csilla Krausz
3. Chromosomal Aberrations and Aneuploidies of Spermatozoa
Paola Piomboni, Anita Stendardi, Laura Gambera
4. The Sperm

Glaesser, Walter - Environmental Risk Assessment, ebook

Environmental Risk Assessment

Glaesser, Walter


Risks of Damage from Flooding Rivers: Correlation of Weakened Dyke Structures?
7. Biological Remediation of Environmentally Contaminated Water
8. Heavy Metal Contamination Removal by Bacterial Activity in Seeping Depositories

Sillanpää, Mika - Sustainable Environmental Engineering, ebook

Sustainable Environmental Engineering

Sillanpää, Mika


The important resource that explores the twelve design principles of sustainable environmental engineering
Sustainable Environmental Engineering (SEE) is to research, design, and build Environmental Engineering

Cizmas, Leslie H. - Environmental Health in Central and Eastern Europe, ebook

Environmental Health in Central and Eastern Europe

Cizmas, Leslie H.


Cytogenetic Damage Detected in Lymphocytes of Donors from MalOpolska Region in Poland and Cancer Incidence in the Follow-Up Studies
Antonina Cebulska-Wasilewska, Jadwiga Rachtan, Zofia Rudek, Zbigniew Drag
8. An Improved Method for the Biological Monitoring