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Berntsen, Erik Serrano - A Guide to Starting Your Hedge Fund, ebook

A Guide to Starting Your Hedge Fund

Berntsen, Erik Serrano


Understand the markets' structures, opportunities, and risks Develop a comprehensive, well-informed investment strategy Conduct thorough due diligence with a detailed plan Examine the practical aspects of fund raising, legal and tax structure, and more
Oil has long been traded by hedge funds, but

Figueroa, Adolfo - Growth, Employment, Inequality, and the Environment, ebook

Growth, Employment, Inequality, and the Environment

Figueroa, Adolfo


Table of contents
Part I. Scientific Knowledge Rules, Facts, and Standard Theories Refutation
1. Popperian Epistemology in Economics: The Alpha-Beta Method
Adolfo Figueroa
2. The Capitalist System: Empirical Regularities
Adolfo Figueroa
3. Standard and Classical Economics
Adolfo Figueroa
Part II.

Finkl, Charles W. - Diversity in Coastal Marine Sciences, ebook

Diversity in Coastal Marine Sciences

Finkl, Charles W.


Pre and Post-Chernobyl Environmental Radioactivity in Romania: a Review
Constantin Dovlete, Iolanda Osvath, Sandu Sonoc
13. Radionuclides Assessment for the Romanian Black Sea Shelf
Gianina Chiroşca, Maria-Emanuela Mihailov, Cornel Liviu Ţugulan, Alecsandru

Chan, Tak-Hang - Comprehensive Organic Reactions in Aqueous Media, ebook

Comprehensive Organic Reactions in Aqueous Media

Chan, Tak-Hang


Due to the cost, safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness of water as a solvent, there are many new applications in industry and academic laboratories. More than forty percent of this extensively updated second edition covers new reactions. For ease of reference,

Anheier, Helmut - Global Civil Society 2011, ebook

Global Civil Society 2011

Anheier, Helmut


Community-Based Environmental Governance and Local Justice
Madhushree Sekher, Geetanjoy Sahu
10. The Global Climate Justice Movement
Dorothy Guerrero
11. Food Sovereignty and Food Politics in South Korea
Layne Hartsell, Chul-Kyoo Kim
Part IV.

Mains, Michael - Topics in Modal Analysis & Testing, Volume 10, ebook

Topics in Modal Analysis & Testing, Volume 10

Mains, Michael


Table of contents
1. Comparison of Various Modal Vector Estimation Methods Used in Modal Parameter Estimation
R. J. Allemang, A. W. Phillips
2. Using Singular Value Decomposition to Estimate Frequency Response Functions
Kevin L. Napolitano
3. Curve Fitting Analytical Mode Shapes to Experimental Data