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Rotherham, Ian D. - Cultural Severance and the Environment, ebook

Cultural Severance and the Environment

Rotherham, Ian D.


Case Studies of Cultural Landscapes from Around the World
5. Valorising the European Rural Landscape: The Case of the Italian National Register of Historical Rural Landscapes
Mauro Agnoletti
6. Severance of a Traditional Grazing Landscape in the Himalayas:

Broadhurst, Arlene - Environment Ethics and the Corporation, ebook

Environment Ethics and the Corporation

Broadhurst, Arlene


Environment, Ethics and the Corporation synthesises the perspectives of corporate environmental strategy, urban planning, international environmental diplomacy and ethics in a single, wide-ranging volume. Providing a unique analysis of the growing social and environmental responsibility

Detraz, Nicole - Gender and the Environment, ebook

Gender and the Environment

Detraz, Nicole


This timely and insightful book explains why gender matters to the environment.  In it, Nicole Detraz examines contemporary debates around population, consumption, and security to show how gender can help us to better understand environmental issues

Newell, Peter - The Globalization and Environment Reader, ebook

The Globalization and Environment Reader

Newell, Peter


The Globalization and Environment Reader features a collection of classic and cutting-edge readings that explore whether and how globalization can be made compatible with sustainable development. Offers a comprehensive collection of nearly 30 classic and cutting-edge readings spanning a

Karamichas, John - The Olympic Games and the Environment, ebook

The Olympic Games and the Environment

Karamichas, John


Reflexive Modernization: Connecting the Environment with Modernity and Modernization
John Karamichas
6. The Greening of the Games
John Karamichas
7. Olympic Games and Ecological Modernization: Sydney, Athens and Beijing
John Karamichas
8. London

Taniguchi, Makoto - Groundwater and Subsurface Environments, ebook

Groundwater and Subsurface Environments

Taniguchi, Makoto


Urban Development and Water Environment Changes in Asian Megacities
Akihisa Yoshikoshi
4. Comparative Analysis on Land Use Distributions and Their Changes in Asian Mega Cities
Akio Yamashita
Part II. Groundwater Degradation and Resources Management

Eppelbaum, Lev - Geophysical Studies in the Caucasus, ebook

Geophysical Studies in the Caucasus

Eppelbaum, Lev


Methodological Specificities of Geophysical Studies in the Complex Environments of the Caucasus
Lev Eppelbaum, Boris Khesin
4. Regional Physical-Geological Models and Regioning
Lev Eppelbaum, Boris Khesin
5. Mining Geophysics
Lev Eppelbaum, Boris

Ioris, Antonio A.R - Agriculture, Environment and Development, ebook

Agriculture, Environment and Development

Ioris, Antonio A.R


Revisiting Food Studies from a Political Ecology Perspective: Lessons from Mediterranean Agri-Food Systems
Ana Moragues-Faus
4. On the Climate of Scarcity and Crisis in the Rainfed Drylands of India
Zareen P. Bharucha
5. Water, Land, Socioterritorial