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Hanratty, Luan - Asymmetric Warfare for Entrepreneurs, ebook

Asymmetric Warfare for Entrepreneurs

Hanratty, Luan


Asymmetric Warfare for Entrepreneurs is a deconstruction and adaptation of TE Lawrence's epic account of the Arab Revolt. The conflict was a side theatre of World War I which pitted the British Imperial might against Ottoman dominance in the Middle East. Lawrence was one of the great military

Adetunji, Iwa - African Entrepreneurs - 50 Success Stories, ebook

African Entrepreneurs - 50 Success Stories

Adetunji, Iwa


African Entrepreneurs: 50 Success Stories is a celebration of notable achievements of select Africans and how they have managed to excel in their chosen fields despite all odds. Each profile showcases the entrepreneur and their area of endeavor, including an exclusive interview in a question-and-answer

Harris, Jeffrey A. - Transformative Entrepreneurs, ebook

Transformative Entrepreneurs

Harris, Jeffrey A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jeffrey A. Harris
2. Changing the Landscape
Jeffrey A. Harris
3. Creative Construction
Jeffrey A. Harris
4. True Grit
Jeffrey A. Harris
5. New Horses for Old Courses
Jeffrey A.…

Kwok-bun, Chan - Mobile Chinese Entrepreneurs, ebook

Mobile Chinese Entrepreneurs

Kwok-bun, Chan


Table of contents
1. Shuttling Nomads in Mobile Times
Chan Kwok-bun, Chan Wai-wan
2. Research Methodology
Chan Kwok-bun, Chan Wai-wan
3. Identity, Interpersonal Networking and Enterprise Management
Chan Kwok-bun, Chan Wai-wan

Nielsen, Erik Solevad - Smart Growth Entrepreneurs, ebook

Smart Growth Entrepreneurs

Nielsen, Erik Solevad


Table of contents
1. Markets, Governments, and Smart Growth
Erik Solevad Nielsen
2. Sprawl and Smart Growth
Erik Solevad Nielsen
3. Managing Urban Growth in Oregon and California
Erik Solevad Nielsen
4. The Smart Growth Machine:…