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Shaw-Hardy, Sondra - Women and Philanthropy: Boldly Shaping a Better World, ebook

Women and Philanthropy: Boldly Shaping a Better World

Shaw-Hardy, Sondra


Based on extensive interviews and the authors' combined half-century of experience, this book shares new ways to better engage women in giving, as well as insights into helping women be more effective in their philanthropy and volunteer leadership. This book covers all of the key topics

Okonkwo, Bartholomew C. - Finding Meaning in Business, ebook

Finding Meaning in Business

Okonkwo, Bartholomew C.


The Entrepreneurial Vocation: Is Creating Wealth a Calling?
Georges Enderle
4. The Evolution of Business as a Christian Calling
Gary L. Chamberlain
Part 2. Fostering a Community of Work
5. Toward a Theology of Business
Denise Daniels
6. Fusion,

Greene, Leonard M. - Inventorship: The Art of Innovation, ebook

Inventorship: The Art of Innovation

Greene, Leonard M.


Giving us an insight into the everyday thought processes of great inventive minds, Greene's wonderful collection of stories and ideas is a model for each of us in the art of inventiveness."-Pat Hallberg, Executive Director, National Inventors Hall of Fame

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