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Abernathy, Penelope M. - The Strategic Digital Media Entrepreneur, ebook

The Strategic Digital Media Entrepreneur

Abernathy, Penelope M.


They use numerous case studies and real-world vignettes to reveal the success secrets of today’s hottest media entrepreneurs, as well as the fatal flaws that leads many promising new ventures down the road to ruin. They begin with a primer on digital entrepreneurship

Porcar, Ana Tur - Inside the Mind of the Entrepreneur, ebook

Inside the Mind of the Entrepreneur

Porcar, Ana Tur


Entrepreneur’s Cognition and Intention
1. An Integrated Model of Intentional Entrepreneurial Action
Kevin C. Cox, Jason Lortie, Gary Castrogiovanni
2. Measuring and Understanding the Psychological Effects of Entrepreneurial Intentions: Multigroup Analysis

Tuominen, Kari - The Baldrige Criteria for Entrepreneurs, ebook

The Baldrige Criteria for Entrepreneurs

Tuominen, Kari


The book describes the operating principles and philosophies of professionals who are at the same time entrepreneurs. The examples are especially applicable to self-employed persons, where the staff com prises the entrepreneur

Olsen, Erica - Strategic Planning Kit For Dummies, ebook

Strategic Planning Kit For Dummies

Olsen, Erica


Think and act strategically every time
In today's business environment, strategic planning stresses the importance of making decisions that will ensure an organization's ability to successfully respond to changes in the environment and plan for sustainable viability. Providing practical,

Curtis, Veechi - Business Planning Essentials For Dummies, ebook

Business Planning Essentials For Dummies

Curtis, Veechi


All the basics you need to design a successful business plan
Whether you're starting your first business or you're a serial entrepreneur, you know how important a good business plan is to your business's ultimate success. Bad or non-existent business plans are a primary cause of business