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Betz, John R. - After Enlightenment: Humann as Post-Secular Visionary, ebook

After Enlightenment: Humann as Post-Secular Visionary

Betz, John R.


After Enlightenment: The Post-Secular Vision of J. G. Hamann is a comprehensive introduction to the life and works of 18th-century German philosopher, J. G. Hamann, the founding father of what has come to be known as Radical Orthodoxy. Provides a long-overdue, comprehensive introduction

Friday, Jonathan - Art and Enlightenment, ebook

Art and Enlightenment

Friday, Jonathan


From the pioneering study of beauty by Francis Hutcheson, through Hume's seminal essays on the standard of taste and tragedy, to the end of the tradition in Dugald Stewart, we are swept up in the debate about art and its value that fascinated the philosophers of enlightenment

Sebastiani, Silvia - The Scottish Enlightenment, ebook

The Scottish Enlightenment

Sebastiani, Silvia


Introduction: The Scottish Enlightenment as Historiographic Problem
Silvia Sebastiani
2. Hume versus Montesquieu: Race against Climate
Silvia Sebastiani
3. The Natural History of Humankind and the Natural History of Man
Silvia Sebastiani

Britt, Christopher - Enlightenment in an Age of Destruction, ebook

Enlightenment in an Age of Destruction

Britt, Christopher


Table of contents
1. Redefining Enlightenment
Eduardo Subirats
2. Critique of Providential Enlightenment
Christopher Britt Arredondo
3. Enlightenment and Power
Paul Douglas Fenn
4. Enlightenment in an Age of Destruction
Eduardo Subirats

McDowell, Gary L. - America and Enlightenment Constitutionalism, ebook

America and Enlightenment Constitutionalism

McDowell, Gary L.


Enlightenment Philosophy and Constitutionalism
2. Recovering (From) Enlightenment?
Steven D. Smith
3. The Positivization of Natural Rights
Martin Loughlin
4. Epicureanism and the Enlightenment
Frederick Rosen
5. Preface to Liberalism: Locke’s

Knott, Sarah - Women, Gender and Enlightenment, ebook

Women, Gender and Enlightenment

Knott, Sarah


No Woman Is an Island: The Female Figure in French Enlightenment Anthropology
Jenny Mander
8. Civilization, Patriotism and Enlightened Histories of Woman
Sylvana Tomaselli
9. Introduction
Dror Wahrman
10. Advice and Enlightenment:

Harvey, David Allen - The French Enlightenment and Its Others, ebook

The French Enlightenment and Its Others

Harvey, David Allen


The Wisdom of the East: Enlightenment Perspectives on China
David Allen Harvey
4. The New World and the Noble Savage
David Allen Harvey
5. The Last Frontiers
David Allen Harvey
6. The Varieties of Man: Racial Theory between Climate and Heredity

Giovanni, George - Karl Leonhard Reinhold and the Enlightenment, ebook

Karl Leonhard Reinhold and the Enlightenment

Giovanni, George


Karl Leonhard Reinhold and the Enlightenment: Editor’s Presentation
George Giovanni
2. Reinhold, Franc-Maçon et philosophe de l’Aufklärung
Ives Radrizzani
3. Le travail d’Aufklärer de Reinhold auprès de ses étudiants d’Iéna