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Fujii, Katsushi - Solar to Chemical Energy Conversion, ebook

Solar to Chemical Energy Conversion

Fujii, Katsushi


Modeling Interface for Energy Storage: Modeling of Chemical and Electrochemical Reactions
4. Fundamentals of Chemical Reaction Kinetics
Shinichiro Nakamura
5. Physical Model for Interfacial Carrier Dynamics
Mikiya Fujii, Ryota Jono, Koichi Yamashita

Likhtenshtein, Gertz - Solar Energy Conversion: Chemical Aspects, ebook

Solar Energy Conversion: Chemical Aspects

Likhtenshtein, Gertz


From theory to real-life systems, he shows exactly which chemical reactions take place when converting light energy, providing an overview of the chemical perspective from fundamentals to molecular harvesting systems and solar cells.
This essential guide will thus

Kouro, Samir - Power Conversion and Control of Wind Energy Systems, ebook

Power Conversion and Control of Wind Energy Systems

Kouro, Samir


The book presents the latest power conversion and control technology in modern wind energy systems. It has nine chapters, covering technology overview and market survey, electric generators and modeling, power converters and modulation techniques, wind

Muyeen, S.M. - Wind Energy Conversion Systems, ebook

Wind Energy Conversion Systems

Muyeen, S.M.


Application of Pumped Storage to Increase Renewable Energy Penetration in Autonomous Island Systems
Stefanos V. Papaefthymiou, Stavros A. Papathanassiou, Eleni G. Karamanou
14. Grid Frequency Mitigation Using SMES of Optimum Power and Energy Storage Capacity

Dai, Liming - Flexible Energy Conversion and Storage Devices, ebook

Flexible Energy Conversion and Storage Devices

Dai, Liming


Reviewing recent progress in flexible energy conversion and storage devices, this highly relevant book introduces not only the basic principles and strategies to make a device flexible, but also the applicable materials and technologies. Adopting an