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Alinhac, Serge - Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations, ebook

Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations

Alinhac, Serge


Table of contents
2. Vector Fields and Integral Curves
Serge Alinhac
3. Operators and Systems in the Plane
Serge Alinhac
4. Nonlinear First Order Equations
Serge Alinhac
5. Conservation Laws in One-Space Dimension
Serge Alinhac
6. The Wave Equation
Serge Alinhac
7. Energy Inequalities

Oberlack, Martin - Progress in Turbulence and Wind Energy IV, ebook

Progress in Turbulence and Wind Energy IV

Oberlack, Martin


Scale-Energy Fluxes in Wall-Turbulent Flows
A. Cimarelli, E. Angelis, C. M. Casciola
2. Conservation Laws of Helically Symmetric Flows and Their Importance for Turbulence Theory
O. Kelbin, A. F. Cheviakov, M. Oberlack
3. Velocity/Pressure-Gradient Correlation

Civan, Faruk - Porous Media Transport Phenomena, ebook

Porous Media Transport Phenomena

Civan, Faruk


Covering general porous media applications, including the effects of temperature and particle migration, and placing an emphasis on energy resource development, the book provides an overview of mass, momentum, and energy

Gurevich, Pavel - Patterns of Dynamics, ebook

Patterns of Dynamics

Gurevich, Pavel


Uniqueness of Solitary Waves in the High-Energy Limit of FPU-Type Chains
Michael Herrmann, Karsten Matthies
2. Patterns in Fourier Space
Jürgen Scheurle
3. The Turing Instability in Case of an Additional Conservation