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Lash, Scott - The End of Organized Capitalism, ebook

The End of Organized Capitalism

Lash, Scott


Drawing on a wide
range of examples from antiquity and the medieval epoch, as well as the modern world, he develops a distinctive ethnosymbolic account of nations and nationalism.
This important book by one of the world’s

Castro, Eduardo Viveiros de - The Ends of the World, ebook

The Ends of the World

Castro, Eduardo Viveiros de


The end of the world is a seemingly interminable topic Ð at least, of course, until it happens. Environmental catastrophe and planetary apocalypse are subjects of enduring fascination and, as ethnographic studies show, human cultures have approached

Acharya, Amitav - The End of American World Order, ebook

The End of American World Order

Acharya, Amitav


Whether or not America itself declines or thrives under President Trump's leadership, the post-war liberal international order underpinned by US military, economic and ideological primacy and supported by global institutions serving its power and purpose, is coming to an end.

Cochrane, Feargal - Ending Wars, ebook

Ending Wars

Cochrane, Feargal

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Many books have been written about war, but few have focused on how wars can be brought to an end. Wars are rarely inevitable however and this book is aimed at understanding how violent conflicts can be brought to a close through intervention, mediation and political negotiation.

Maxton, Graeme - The End of Progress: How Modern Economics Has Failed Us, ebook

The End of Progress: How Modern Economics Has Failed Us

Maxton, Graeme


It has not allocated the world's resources fairly. It has brought the West to the brink of financial ruin. It has valued short-term gain more than long-term progress. It has made us focus on the individual, not society.
The social consequences are easy to see. Much

Sörlin, Sverker - Nature’s End, ebook

Nature’s End

Sörlin, Sverker


Destinies and Decisions: Taking the Life-World Seriously in Environmental History
Kirsten Hastrup
15. Afterword
Peter Burke

Panayi, Panikos - Refugees and the End of Empire, ebook

Refugees and the End of Empire

Panayi, Panikos


The End of the European Colonial Empires and Forced Migration: Some Comparative Case Studies
Ian Talbot
3. The Tragedy of the Rimlands, Nation-State Formation and the Destruction of Imperial Peoples, 1912–48
Mark Levene
Part II. Imperial Collapse