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Zautra, Alex J. - Emotions, Stress, and Health, ebook

Emotions, Stress, and Health

Zautra, Alex J.


Emotions in Two Dimensions 3. Stress and the Eyes of the Beholder 4. The Effects of Stress on the Experience of Emotions 5. Positive Emotions and Mental Health: Are We Chasing the Rainbow? 6. The Role of Positive Emotions

Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin - Emotions, Media and Politics, ebook

Emotions, Media and Politics

Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin


Emotions have long been neglected in media research, although their role is a vital ingredient in shaping our shared stories and the ways we engage with them. But emotions, as they circulate through the media, can also be divisive and exclusionary.

Cristiani, Riccardo - What is the History of Emotions?, ebook

What is the History of Emotions?

Cristiani, Riccardo


What Is the History of Emotions? offers an accessible path through the thicket of approaches, debates, and past and current trends in the history of emotions. Although historians have always talked about how people felt in the past, it is only in the

Bailey, Ros - Exploring Emotions, ebook

Exploring Emotions

Bailey, Ros


This practical book from Ros Bayley is designed to enable every practitioner to help children manage their emotions. This title looks at the whole range of emotions that children feel and enable any practitioner to help children recognise these

Oatley, Keith - Emotions: A Brief History, ebook

Emotions: A Brief History

Oatley, Keith


Emotions: A Brief History investigates the history of emotions across cultures as well as the evolutionary history of emotions and of emotional development across an individual's life span. In clear and accessible

Haven, Cornelis van der - Battlefield Emotions 1500-1800, ebook

Battlefield Emotions 1500-1800

Haven, Cornelis van der


Battlefield Emotions 1500–1800: Practices, Experience, Imagination
Erika Kuijpers, Cornelis Haven
Part I. The Military: Emotional Practices and Community
2. Drill and Allocution as Emotional Practices in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Poetry, Plays and Military

Downes, Stephanie - Emotions and War, ebook

Emotions and War

Downes, Stephanie


‘Je Hé Guerre, Point Ne La Doy Prisier’: Peace and the Emotions of War in the Prison Poetry of Charles d’Orléans
Stephanie Downes
5. ‘He In Salte Teres Dreynte’: Understanding Troilus’s Tears
Simon Meecham-Jones
6. Human Prudence versus

Brooks, Ann - Emotions in Transmigration, ebook

Emotions in Transmigration

Brooks, Ann


Introduction: Understanding Emotions in Transmigration in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States
Ann Brooks, Ruth Simpson
2. The Significance of Emotions in Contemporary Social Theorizing
Ann Brooks, Ruth Simpson

Kounine, Laura - Emotions in the History of Witchcraft, ebook

Emotions in the History of Witchcraft

Kounine, Laura


Table of contents
1. Introduction: ‘Unbridled Passion’ and the History of Witchcraft
Michael Ostling, Laura Kounine
Part I. In Representation
2. Fear and Devotion in the Writings of Heinrich Institoris
Tamar Herzig
3. The Cruelty…

Westerink, Joyce - Sensing Emotions, ebook

Sensing Emotions

Westerink, Joyce


Unobtrusive Emotions Sensing in Daily Life
Martin Ouwerkerk
3. Physical Activity Recognition Using a Wearable Accelerometer
Alberto G. Bonomi
4. The Use of Psychophysiological Measures During Complex Flight Manoeuvres – An Expert Pilot Study