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Atkinson, Brett - Lonely Planet Italy, ebook

Lonely Planet Italy

Atkinson, Brett


Get to the heart of Italy and begin your journey now!
Inside Lonely Planet's Italy: NEW pull-out, passport-size 'Just Landed' card with wi-fi, ATM and transport info - all you need for a smooth journey from airport to hotel Improved planning tools for family travellers - where to go, how to save money,

Planet, Lonely - Lonely Planet Italy's Best Trips, ebook

Lonely Planet Italy's Best Trips

Planet, Lonely


Get to Italy, rent a car, and hit the road! Inside Lonely Planet's Italy's Best Trips: Lavish colour and gorgeous photography throughout Itineraries and planning advice to pick the right tailored routes for your needs and interests Get around easily - 38 easy-to-read, full-colour route maps, detailed

Sidali, Katia Laura - Food, Agri-Culture and Tourism, ebook

Food, Agri-Culture and Tourism

Sidali, Katia Laura


Educational farms in the Emilia-Romagna region: their role in food habit education
Maurizio Canavari, Carrie Huffaker, Rossana Mari, Domenico Regazzi, Roberta Spadoni
6. Food and tourism: the role of the “Slow Food”

Canavari, Maurizio - Organic Food, ebook

Organic Food

Canavari, Maurizio


A Comparative Profitability Analysis of Organic and Conventional Farms in Emilia-Romagna and in Minnesota
Maurizio Canavari, Rino Ghelfi, Kent D. Olson, Sergio Rivaroli
4. Situation and Perspectives of Organic Meat in Italy

Bluhm, Katharina - Change in SMEs, ebook

Change in SMEs

Bluhm, Katharina


Table of contents
1. Why Should the Varieties Literature Grant Smaller Firms More Attention? An Introduction
Katharina Bluhm, Rudi Schmidt
Part I. Changing Financing, Ownership and Firm Management
2. The Power of Financial Markets — What Does that Mean and How Does it Work for Different Categories of Companies?

Dallago, Bruno - Local Economies and Global Competitiveness, ebook

Local Economies and Global Competitiveness

Dallago, Bruno


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Local Economies and Global Competitiveness
Bruno Dallago, Chiara Guglielmetti
2. Context and Proximity in Competitiveness and Cohesion: Theoretical and Empirical Challenges
2. Context and Proximity in Competitiveness and Cohesion: Theoretical and Empirical Challenges

Bonaccorso, Brunella - Methods and Tools for Drought Analysis and Management, ebook

Methods and Tools for Drought Analysis and Management

Bonaccorso, Brunella


Table of contents
Part I. Drought Monitoring and Forecasting
1. Drought Monitoring and Forecasting at Large Scale
I. Bordi, A. Sutera
2. Monitoring and Forecasting Drought on a Regional Scale: Emilia-Romagna Region
C. Cacciamani, A. Morgillo, S. Marchesi, V. Pavan
3. Development of the Piedmont Region Hydrological

Marchetti, Mauro - Landscapes and Landforms of Italy, ebook

Landscapes and Landforms of Italy

Marchetti, Mauro


Mud Volcanoes in the Emilia-Romagna Apennines: Small Landforms of Outstanding Scenic and Scientific Value
Doriano Castaldini, Paola Coratza
20. The Outstanding Terraced Landscape of the Cinque Terre Coastal Slopes (Eastern

Green, D.R. - Coastal and Marine Geospatial Technologies, ebook

Coastal and Marine Geospatial Technologies

Green, D.R.


A National Database on Coastal Dunes: Emilia-Romagna and Southern Veneto Littorals (Italy)
Umberto Simeoni, Edi Valpreda, Corinne Corbau
10. Establishment of Marine and Coastal Spatial Data Infrastructure in Indonesia