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Yan, Hua - Ocular Emergency, ebook

Ocular Emergency

Yan, Hua


Table of contents
1. General Guideline of Ophthalmic Emergency
Hong Yan, Song Wang
2. Emergency Room (ER)
Haoyu Chen, Danny Siu-Chun Ng
3. Patient Care Process of Ocular Emergency
Hua Yan, Jiaxing Wang, Ying Li, Xiangda Meng, Xuyang Yao
4. Acute Redness of the Eye
Bo Huang
5. Acute Disturbance/Loss

Nutbeam, Tim - ABC of Prehospital Emergency Medicine, ebook

ABC of Prehospital Emergency Medicine

Nutbeam, Tim


Prehospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) is a new and evolving field within Prehospital Care and involves the delivery of safe prehospital critical care to seriously ill or injured patients, and safe transfer to or between hospitals. It covers a broad range of medical and traumatic conditions,

Chan, Otto - ABC of Emergency Radiology, ebook

ABC of Emergency Radiology

Chan, Otto


The ABC of Emergency Radiology is a simple and logical step-by-step guide on how to interpret radiographs, US and CT. It incorporates all the latest technological advances, including replacing plain radiographs with digital radiographs, changes in imaging protocols

Johnston, Bree - Geriatric Emergencies, ebook

Geriatric Emergencies

Johnston, Bree


Geriatric Emergencies is a practical guide to the common conditions affecting older patients who present in an emergency to hospital or primary care.
Beginning with the essentials of history taking and clinical examination, the book covers a comprehensive

Brady, William J. - The ECG in Prehospital Emergency Care, ebook

The ECG in Prehospital Emergency Care

Brady, William J.


Now that state of the art equipment can be carried in ambulances, prehospital emergency staff are able to perform an ECG soon after arrival on scene, enabling the EMS provider to gather important diagnostic information that can not only guide prehospital therapy

Roos, Karen L. - Emergency Neurology, ebook

Emergency Neurology

Roos, Karen L.


Table of contents
1. Headache in the Emergency Department
Carrie E. Robertson, David F. Black, Jerry W. Swanson
2. Low Back Pain Emergencies
Luis A. Serrano, Tim Maus, J. D. Bartleson
3. Dizziness and Vertigo Presentations in the Emergency Department
Kevin A. Kerber, Robert W. Baloh
4. Syncope