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Filipe, Joaquim - Agents and Artificial Intelligence, ebook

Agents and Artificial Intelligence

Filipe, Joaquim


Gossip Galore: An Embodied Conversational Agent for Collecting and Sharing Pop Trivia from the Web
Feiyu Xu, Peter Adolphs, Hans Uszkoreit, Xiwen Cheng, Hong Li
14. Biosignal Based Discrimination between Slight and Strong

Pelachaud, Catherine - From Brows to Trust, ebook

From Brows to Trust

Pelachaud, Catherine


Empirical Evaluation Methodology for Embodied Conversational Agents
Noor Christoph
4. Evaluating Users’ Reactions to Human-Like Interfaces
Loredana Cerrato, Susanne Ekeklint
II. The User in Focus
5. User-Centred

Hingston, Philip - Believable Bots, ebook

Believable Bots

Hingston, Philip


Rethinking the Human–Agent Relationship: Which Social Cues Do Interactive Agents Really Need to Have?
Astrid Weiss, Manfred Tscheligi
2. Believability Through Psychosocial Behaviour: Creating Bots That Are More Engaging and Entertaining
Christine Bailey,