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Twain, Mark - The Stolen White Elephant, ebook

The Stolen White Elephant

Twain, Mark


Mark Twain’s The Stolen White Elephant is the tale of a white Indian elephant, en route from India to Britain as a gift to the Queen, but it disappeares in New Jersey. The local police department tries to solve the mystery, but after many vicissitudes,

Harvey, Keith - Alex and the Elephant, ebook

Alex and the Elephant

Harvey, Keith


Alex comes face to face with an elephant and together they work out a way to solve a problem. This wonderfully illustrated book from Children's author Keith Harvey is a delight to read for parents and kids alike.

Furnham, Adrian - The Elephant in the Boardroom, ebook

The Elephant in the Boardroom

Furnham, Adrian


Table of contents
1. Researching Derailed, Incompetent and Failed Leaders
Adrian Furnham
2. Early Research and Speculations
Adrian Furnham
3. Personality Styles, Traits and Disorders
Adrian Furnham
4. The Successful Psychopath

Waxman, Jonathan - The Elephant in the Room, ebook

The Elephant in the Room

Waxman, Jonathan


Table of contents
1. Rick’s Big Adventure
Jonathan Waxman
2. All My Trials
Jonathan Waxman
3. Fish Ate My Cancer
Jonathan Waxman
4. Smoker’s Cough
Jonathan Waxman
5. Conference With Counsel
Jonathan Waxman