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Richardson, Scott - Elementary School, ebook

Elementary School

Richardson, Scott


Table of contents
1. Owen and Scott
Scott Richardson
2. Scott
Scott Richardson
3. Owen
Scott Richardson
4. Fairfield Elementary
Scott Richardson
5. Alex’s Year Begins
Scott Richardson
6. Alex’s Year

Muller, Jean-Michel - Elementary Functions, ebook

Elementary Functions

Muller, Jean-Michel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Some Basic Things About Computer Arithmetic
Part I.Algorithms Based on Polynomial Approximation and/or Table Lookup, Multiple-Precision Evaluation of Functions
3. Polynomial or Rational Approximations

Nagashima, Yorikiyo - Elementary Particle Physics, ebook

Elementary Particle Physics

Nagashima, Yorikiyo


The field of High Energy Physics is experiencing a strong renaissance for several reasons: one, the advent of the new Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, along with unprecedented computing power for theoretical computations; second, new telescopes…

Ghose, Arpita - Efficiency of Elementary Education in India, ebook

Efficiency of Elementary Education in India

Ghose, Arpita


Table of contents
1. The Background and the Motivation
Arpita Ghose
2. An Overview of the Existing Literature and Its Linkages with the Present Book
Arpita Ghose
3. The Output Oriented Measures of Technical Efficiency and Its Determinants…

Wickens, Thomas D. - Elementary Signal Detection Theory, ebook

Elementary Signal Detection Theory

Wickens, Thomas D.


1. The signal-detection model 2. The equal-variance Gaussian model 3. Operating characteristics and the Gaussian model 4. Measures of detection performance 5. Confidence ratings 6. Forced-choice procedures 7. Discrimination and identification 8.…

Bottema, O. - Topics in Elementary Geometry, ebook

Topics in Elementary Geometry

Bottema, O.


Table of contents
2. The Pythagorean Theorem
O. Bottema, Reinie Erne
3. Ceva’s Theorem
O. Bottema, Reinie Erne
4. Perpendicular Bisectors; Concurrence
O. Bottema, Reinie Erne
5. The Nine-Point Circle and Euler Line