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Serp, Philippe - Carbon Materials for Catalysis, ebook

Carbon Materials for Catalysis

Serp, Philippe


It covers the preparation and characterization of carbon supports and carbon-supported catalysts; carbon surface chemistry in catalysis; the description of catalytic, photo-catalytic, or electro-catalytic

Kuang, Tingyun - Photosynthesis Research for Food, Fuel and the Future, ebook

Photosynthesis Research for Food, Fuel and the Future

Kuang, Tingyun


Towards Uncovering the Energetics of Secondary Electron Transfer Reactions in Photosystem I
Stefano Santabarbara, Fabrice Rappaport, Kevin Redding
3. Supercomplex Organizations and Evolution of Photosystems I and II (Anabaena sp. PCC 7120, Cyanophora Paradoxa