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Pico, Wayne J. Del - Electrical Estimating Methods, ebook

Electrical Estimating Methods

Pico, Wayne J. Del


Simplify the estimating process with the latest data, materials, and practices
Electrical Estimating Methods, Fourth Edition is a comprehensive guide to estimating electrical costs, with data provided by leading construction database RS Means. The book covers the materials and processes

Balas, Valentina Emilia - Soft Computing Applications, ebook

Soft Computing Applications

Balas, Valentina Emilia


On the Long-Range Dependence Property of the Electrical Signals Collected in Cavitation Field
A. Barbulescu, S. V. Balas, I. E. Koles, C. A. Mnerie
Part IX. Soft Computing and Fuzy Logic in Biometrics
6. Iris Recognition—Selecting a Fuzzy Region of Interest

Březina, Tomáš - Mechatronics 2017, ebook

Mechatronics 2017

Březina, Tomáš


High-Speed Electrical Machines: Review of Concepts and Currently Used Solutions with Synchronous Machines with Permanent Magnets
Lukas Veg, Pavel Svetlik, Jan Laksar
34. Control and Design of a High Power Density PMSM
Omur Aydogmus, Gullu Boztas

Watada, Junzo - Intelligent Decision Technologies, ebook

Intelligent Decision Technologies

Watada, Junzo


Difficulty Estimator for Converting Natural Language into First Order Logic
Isidoros Perikos, Foteini Grivokostopoulou, Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis, Konstantinos Kovas
15. Emergency Distribution Scheduling with Maximizing Marginal Loss-Saving Function