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Pico, Wayne J. Del - Electrical Estimating Methods, ebook

Electrical Estimating Methods

Pico, Wayne J. Del


Simplify the estimating process with the latest data, materials, and practices
Electrical Estimating Methods, Fourth Edition is a comprehensive guide to estimating electrical costs, with data provided by leading

Xie, Anne - Advances in Electrical Engineering and Automation, ebook

Advances in Electrical Engineering and Automation

Xie, Anne


An Improved Algorithm for Negative Inventory Balances in Inventory Cost Accounting under ERP Environment
LinKun Li, KaiChao Yu, YiMing Li
3. Improved Simulated Annealing Algorithm Used for Job Shop Scheduling Problems
Shao-zhong Song, Jia-jun Ren, Jia-xu

Ao, Sio-Iong - Advances in Machine Learning and Data Analysis, ebook

Advances in Machine Learning and Data Analysis

Ao, Sio-Iong


2D/3D Image Data Analysis for Object Tracking and Classification
Seyed Eghbal Ghobadi, Omar Edmond Loepprich, Oliver Lottner, Klaus Hartmann, Wolfgang Weihs, Otmar Loffeld
2. Robot Competence Development by Constructive Learning
Q. Meng, M. H. Lee, C.

Tan, Honghua - Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, ebook

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Tan, Honghua


Tree-Mesh Based P2P Streaming Data Distribution Scheme
Jianming Zhao, Nianmin Yao, Shaobin Cai, Xiang Li
12. The Transform of the National Geographic Grids for China Based on the Axial Minimum Enclosing Rectangle
Quanfu Bao, Zhengguo Li, Xiaochong Tong,