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Hasan, Maher - Introduction to Electric Power and Drive Systems, ebook

Introduction to Electric Power and Drive Systems

Hasan, Maher


An introduction to the analysis of electric machines, power electronic circuits, electric drive performance, and power systems
This book provides students with the basic physical concepts and analysis tools needed for subsequent coursework in

Malik, Om P. - Electric Distribution Systems, ebook

Electric Distribution Systems

Malik, Om P.


A comprehensive review of the theory and practice for designing, operating, and optimizing electric distribution systems, revised and updated
Now in its second edition, Electric Distribution Systems has been revised and updated and continues to provide

Jufer, Marcel - Electric Drives: Design Methodology, ebook

Electric Drives: Design Methodology

Jufer, Marcel

From 165,55€

An electric drive that is designed or adapted to a specific application must take into account all the elements of the chain of constituent elements in its use and deployment. In addition to the motor, the transmission, power electronics, control, sensors, and electrical protection systems

Krause, Paul - Analysis of Electric Machinery and Drive Systems, ebook

Analysis of Electric Machinery and Drive Systems

Krause, Paul


Introducing a new edition of the popular reference on machine analysis
Now in a fully revised and expanded edition, this widely used reference on machine analysis boasts many changes designed to address the varied needs of engineers in the electric machinery, electric drives, and

Williams, J.B. - The Electric Century, ebook

The Electric Century

Williams, J.B.


Beginnings of Mass Production: Electric Power in Industry
J. B. Williams
7. Early Mass Media: Newspapers and Cinema
J. B. Williams
8. The Catless Miaow: Wireless Telegraphy
J. B. Williams
9. Healthy? Early Medical Electricity
J. B. Williams

Crappe, Michel - Electric Power Systems, ebook

Electric Power Systems

Crappe, Michel

From 172,90€

The creation of a European liberalized electricity internal market and EU commitments for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (Kyoto Protocol) and for the use of renewable energy generation technologies induce new important constraints and problems on the electric power systems in