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Berry, Richard - Independent, ebook


Berry, Richard


Martin Bell, Ken Livingstone and Richard Taylor (the doctor who became an MP to save his local hospital) are the best known of a growing band of British politicians making their mark outside the traditional party system. Some (like Livingstone) have emerged…

Rubner, Alex - The Mendacious Colours of Democracy, ebook

The Mendacious Colours of Democracy

Rubner, Alex


Politics is a noble, but also a dirty, business. To gain election - and retain office - in a democratic system, politicians are frequently compelled to be dishonest. They engage in benevolent lying because obstruction by stupid voters will otherwise stop…

Bolgherini, Silvia - Germany after the Grand Coalition, ebook

Germany after the Grand Coalition

Bolgherini, Silvia


Table of contents
1. Introduction
1. Introduction
Silvia Bolgherini, Florian Grotz
Part I. The Legacies of the Grand Coalition
2. New Possibilities or Permanent Gridlock?
Reimut Zohlnhöfer
3. Toward a New German Federalism?
Julia Blumenthal
4. Multilevel Party Politics during the Grand Coalition

Cautrès, Bruno - The New Voter in Western Europe, ebook

The New Voter in Western Europe

Cautrès, Bruno


How Le Pen’s Electorate Lost Faith in Him
Pascal Perrineau
10. The Temptation to Vote Bayrou
Sylvie Strudel
11. Review of an Electoral Campaign: From Chronicle to Political Logic
Claude Dargent, Martine Barthélemy
12. The Panel Electoral

Mosley, Ivo - Democracy, Fascism and the New World Order, ebook

Democracy, Fascism and the New World Order

Mosley, Ivo


By absorbing into itself the institutions of civil society, the modern democratic state has become an ever more pervasive 'tyranny of the majority' accountable to the electorate only once every few years. The powers it has assumed, together with the powers of corporations,

Heynderickx, Priscilla - Displaying Competence in Organizations, ebook

Displaying Competence in Organizations

Heynderickx, Priscilla


The Successful 2008 Presidential Candidate: How Political Weblogs Have Contributed in Shaping the American Electorate’s Preferences
Giorgia Riboni
6. The Representation of Competence in Newspaper Interviews: a Linguistic–Pragmatic Discourse Analysis of

Clarke, Kristen - Barack Obama and African American Empowerment, ebook

Barack Obama and African American Empowerment

Clarke, Kristen


Table of contents
1. Introduction Racializing Obama
Manning Marable
Part I. Background to the New Black Politics
2. System Values and African American Leadership
Robert C. Smith
3. The Limits of Black Pragmatism the Rise and Fall of David Dinkins, 1989–93
Ryan Reft
4. City Politics And Black Protest

Hewlett, Nick - The Sarkozy Phenomenon, ebook

The Sarkozy Phenomenon

Hewlett, Nick


Bonapartism is an exceptional form of political rule which results from an unstable situation and where an authoritarian leader steps in and appeals to the electorate in populist fashion with promises of modernization and progress. But Sarkozy's authoritarian, populist

Laslier, Jean-François - Handbook on Approval Voting, ebook

Handbook on Approval Voting

Laslier, Jean-François


Table of contents
1. Introduction to the Handbook on Approval Voting
Jean-François Laslier, M. Remzi Sanver
2. Acclamation Voting in Sparta: An Early Use of Approval Voting
Charles Girard
3. Going from Theory to Practice: The Mixed Success of Approval Voting
Steven J. Brams, Peter C. Fishburn
4. Collective

Bimber, Bruce - Campaigning Online : The Internet in U.S. Elections, ebook

Campaigning Online : The Internet in U.S. Elections

Bimber, Bruce


How are their efforts paying off? Are voters influenced by what they see on the Internet? Do they use online resources to learn about issues and candidates that mainstream media are not covering? Is the Internet empowering the shrinking electorate to return to the