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Agnew, John A. - The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Political Geography, ebook

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Political Geography

Agnew, John A.


Intellectually, the influence of the practice-based methods in geography and concepts including postcolonialism, feminist geographies, and popular cultures are underlined. This new collection offers a one-stop reference volume for students and for those in allied fields

Cragoe, Matthew - London Politics, 1760–1914, ebook

London Politics, 1760–1914

Cragoe, Matthew


Metropolitan ‘Radicalism’ and Electoral Independence, 1760–1820
Matthew McCormack
3. ‘Policing the Peelers’: Parliament, the Public, and the Metropolitan Police, 1829–33
David A. Campion
4. Metropolitan Whiggery, 1832–55
Ben Weinstein