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Mayo, Peter - Gramsci and Educational Thought, ebook

Gramsci and Educational Thought

Mayo, Peter


Through a series of writings from international scholars, Gramsci and Educational Thought pays tribute to the educational influence of Antonio Gramsci, considered one of the greatest social thinkers and political

Szulevicz, Thomas - Educational Psychology Practice, ebook

Educational Psychology Practice

Szulevicz, Thomas


Introduction to Part I: Educational Psychology Practice as It Stands Today
1. What Is Educational Psychology Practice?
Thomas Szulevicz, Lene Tanggaard
2. Approaches and Methods Used in Educational

Armfield, Shadow W. J. - The Wiley Handbook of Educational Policy, ebook

The Wiley Handbook of Educational Policy

Armfield, Shadow W. J.


Illuminates the multiple barriers that plague the education system and shows the way toward enlightened and inclusive educational policy and policymaking
This book showcases new scholarship in the broad field of education policy and governance. Authored by some of the field’s foremost

Wang, Yuanzhi - Education and Educational Technology, ebook

Education and Educational Technology

Wang, Yuanzhi


A Few Thoughts about Examination Method of Holding a Post Education in the Military Academy
Hong-fu Qiang, Qi-yuan Zhong, Li-long Tan
2. The Instructional Material Blended with Needham 5 Phases Strategy in Teaching Visual Art Education
Syamsul Nor Azlan

Roth, Wolff-Michael - Passibility, ebook


Roth, Wolff-Michael


Table of contents
1. De/Constructing the Blind Spots of the Constructivist Metaphor
Wolff-Michael Roth
2. Learning and the Erasure of Knowledge
Wolff-Michael Roth
3. Radical Passivity in Learning
Wolff-Michael Roth
4. Radical UncertaintyUncertainty in Acting