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Burnett, Cathy - The Case of the iPad, ebook

The Case of the iPad

Burnett, Cathy


The New Digital Divide: Digital Technology Policies and Provision in Canada and Australia
Joanne O’Mara, Linda Laidlaw, Jill Blackmore
7. Slate-Enabled Literacy Practices in a Futureschool@Singapore Classroom
Siew Hiang Sally Ng
8. Apps and Autodidacts:

Dalli, Carmen - Under-three Year Olds in Policy and Practice, ebook

Under-three Year Olds in Policy and Practice

Dalli, Carmen


Table of contents
1. Policy and Pedagogy for Birth-to-Three Year Olds
Carmen Dalli, E. Jayne White
Part I. Foregrounding Pedagogy
2. Intersubjectivity in the Imagination and Feelings of the Infant: Implications for Education in the Early Years
Colwyn Trevarthen, Jonathan Delafield-Butt
3. A ‘Good Life’

Cumming, J. Joy - Valuing Students with Impairment, ebook

Valuing Students with Impairment

Cumming, J. Joy


Toward Equitable Provision of Education for Students with Disability in Education
J. Joy Cumming
2. Educational Reform and Educational Accountability Legislation and Policy in the US, England and Australia
J. Joy Cumming
3. Educational Provision, Equity

Terjesen, Mark D. - Handbook of Australian School Psychology, ebook

Handbook of Australian School Psychology

Terjesen, Mark D.


Table of contents
1. National and International Perspectives on School Psychology: Research, Practice and Policy
Michael Faulkner, Shane R. Jimerson
2. A History of School Psychology in Australia
Marilyn Campbell, Kevin Glasheen
3. School Psychological Practice with Indigenous Students in Remote Australia