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Butterworth, Brian - Educational Neuroscience, ebook

Educational Neuroscience

Butterworth, Brian


Educational Neuroscience presents a series of readings from educators, psychologists, and neuroscientists that explore the latest findings in developmental cognitive neurosciences and their potential applications

Haan, Michelle de - Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience: An Introduction, ebook

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience: An Introduction

Haan, Michelle de


The fourth edition of the definitive text that helped found this field, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, is thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the latest research findings focusing on the development of brain and behaviour during infancy, childhood, and adolescence. Offering

Smeyers, Paul - Educational Research: The Attraction of Psychology, ebook

Educational Research: The Attraction of Psychology

Smeyers, Paul


Struggling with the Historical Attractiveness of Psychology for Educational Research Illustrated by the Case of Nazi Germany
Marc Depaepe
3. On the Fatal Attractiveness of Psychology: Racism of Intelligence in Education
Jean-Claude Croizet
4. Psychology

UNKNOWN - The Origins and Development of High Ability, ebook

The Origins and Development of High Ability



Written for psychologists, educational psychologists and developmental biologists, this volume explores the concept of giftedness, including its definition, origins and development. The author offers a balanced view of the topic and presents optimal educational

Vlamos, Panayiotis - GeNeDis 2016, ebook

GeNeDis 2016

Vlamos, Panayiotis


Opinion Mining for Educational Video Lectures
Dimitrios Kravvaris, Katia Lida Kermanidis
21. Cognitive Enhancement Using ICT and Its Ethical Implications
Spyros Doukakis, Giannis Stamatellos, Nektaria Glinou
22. Smart Health Caring Home: A Systematic