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Butterworth, Brian - Educational Neuroscience, ebook

Educational Neuroscience

Butterworth, Brian


Educational Neuroscience presents a series of readings from educators, psychologists, and neuroscientists that explore the latest findings in developmental cognitive neurosciences and their potential applications to education.Represents a new research area with direct relevance to current

Smeyers, Paul - Educational Research: The Attraction of Psychology, ebook

Educational Research: The Attraction of Psychology

Smeyers, Paul


Struggling with the Historical Attractiveness of Psychology for Educational Research Illustrated by the Case of Nazi Germany
Marc Depaepe
3. On the Fatal Attractiveness of Psychology: Racism of Intelligence in Education
Jean-Claude Croizet
4. Psychology

Cole, David R. - Educational Life-Forms, ebook

Educational Life-Forms

Cole, David R.


The Educational Life-Forms of Current Systems
David R. Cole
4. Creating Educational Life-Forms Through Epiphanies
David R. Cole
5. Learning-Time in Deleuzian Practice (The Virtual)
David R. Cole
6. Building

Annetta, Leonard - Serious Educational Game Assessment, ebook

Serious Educational Game Assessment

Annetta, Leonard


Table of contents
1. Assessing Gaming, Computer and Scientific Inquiry Self-Efficacy in a Virtual Environment
Diane Jass Ketelhut
2. Self-Regulation Within Game-Based Learning Environments
John Nietfeld, Lucy R. Shores
3. The Wild West of Assessment
Christopher J. Ferguson
4. Diagrammatic Inquiry

Smeyers, Paul - Educational Research - the Ethics and Aesthetics of Statistics, ebook

Educational Research - the Ethics and Aesthetics of Statistics

Smeyers, Paul


Table of contents
1. Representation or Hard Evidence? The Use of Statistics in Education and Educational Research
Paul Smeyers, Marc Depaepe
2. The Lure of Statistics for Educational Researchers
David F. Labaree
3. Dazzling Statistics? On the University Expansion in Flanders and the Need for Research into

Steiner-Khamsi, Gita - Educational Import, ebook

Educational Import

Steiner-Khamsi, Gita


Table of contents
1. Going Global: Studying Late Adopters of Traveling Reforms
Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Ines Stolpe
2. Educational Import in Mongolia: A Historical Perspective
Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Ines Stolpe
3. Bypassing Capitalism
Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Ines Stolpe
4. Exchanging Allies: From Internationalist

Taylor, Yvette - Educational Diversity, ebook

Educational Diversity

Taylor, Yvette


Table of contents
1. Educational Diversity: The Subject of Difference and Different Subjects
1. Educational Diversity: The Subject of Difference and Different Subjects
Yvette Taylor
Section 1. Compulsory Education, Compelling Diversity
2. ‘Inclusion’ Through Exclusion: A Critical Account of New Behaviour

Branch, Robert Maribe - Educational Media and Technology Yearbook, ebook

Educational Media and Technology Yearbook

Branch, Robert Maribe


Research-Practice Partnerships: Addressing K-12 Educational Problems Through Active Collaborations
Heather Leary, Samuel Severance
Part II. Leadership Profiles
7. Lawrence Lipsitz
C. Erika Mané
Part III. Organizations and Associations in North America