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Flagg, Stephen - Alphabet Autos, ebook

Alphabet Autos

Flagg, Stephen


An A to Z of classic cars, beautifully brought to life in rhyme and pictures. This wonderfully illustrated eBook will delight children and car-loving parents alike!

Truong, Thanh-Dam - Transnational Migration and Human Security, ebook

Transnational Migration and Human Security

Truong, Thanh-Dam


Table of contents
1. Transnational Migration, Development and Human Security
Thanh-Dam Truong, Des Gasper
2. The Governmentality of Transnational Migration and Security: The Making of a New Subaltern
Thanh-Dam Truong
3. Migration from Mexico and Central America to the United States: Human Insecurities and

Tuszynski, Mark H. - Translational Neuroscience, ebook

Translational Neuroscience

Tuszynski, Mark H.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mark H. Tuszynski
Part I. Molecular Approaches
2. Gene Therapy of CNS Disorders Using Recombinant AAV Vectors
Giridhar Murlidharan, R. Jude Samulski, Aravind Asokan
3. NGF and BDNF Gene Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease
Mark H. Tuszynski, Alan H. Nagahara