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Yuan, Yiming - Studies on China's Special Economic Zones, ebook

Studies on China's Special Economic Zones

Yuan, Yiming


Special Economic Zones and China’s Path
Tao Yitao
2. The Dynamic Evolution of China’s Special Economic Zones and Their Practice
Yuan Yiming
3. The Course, Achievements and Inspirations of the Reform and Opening-Up

Arestis, Philip  - What global economic crisis?, ebook

What global economic crisis?

Arestis, Philip


One issue of great importance to modern policymakers is the relationship between globalization and economic crisis. With unprecedented trends towards globalization (in part propelled by developments in information technology), the repercussions of economic

Gabe, Todd M. - The Pursuit of Economic Development, ebook

The Pursuit of Economic Development

Gabe, Todd M.


Table of contents
1. Growth of Good US Jobs
Todd M. Gabe
2. Low Costs and the Growth of Good US Jobs
Todd M. Gabe
3. Winning Industries and the Growth of Good US Jobs
Todd M. Gabe
4. Human Capital and the Growth of Good US Jobs
Todd M. Gabe
5. Small Businesses and the Growth of Good US Jobs

Chow, Gregory C. - China's Economic Transformation, ebook

China's Economic Transformation

Chow, Gregory C.


Includes coverage of China’s foreign investments, trade with regional partners, Chinese human capital, and bureaucratic economic institutions Covers a diverse set of important issues, including environmental restraints, income distribution, rural poverty,

Guo, Rongxing - Intercultural Economic Analysis, ebook

Intercultural Economic Analysis

Guo, Rongxing


Table of contents
1. Civilizations and Cultures
Rongxing Guo
2. After Cultures Meet…
Rongxing Guo
3. Spatial Optimality of Cultures
Rongxing Guo
4. Intercultural Economic Influences
Rongxing Guo
5. Economic Growth in Culturally Diverse Nations
Rongxing Guo
6. Multicultural Risks and

Kantola, Johanna - Gender and the Economic Crisis in Europe, ebook

Gender and the Economic Crisis in Europe

Kantola, Johanna


Gender and the Politics of the Economic Crisis in Europe
Johanna Kantola, Emanuela Lombardo
2. A Policy in Crisis. The Dismantling of the EU Gender Equality Policy
Sophie Jacquot
3. The Gender Politics of EU Economic

Bolt, Jutta - Botswana – A Modern Economic History, ebook

Botswana – A Modern Economic History

Bolt, Jutta


Table of contents
Part I. Part 1
1. An African Diamond in the Rough
Ellen Hillbom, Jutta Bolt
2. Precolonial Economy and Society, c. 1850–1930
Ellen Hillbom, Jutta Bolt
Part II. Part 2
3. Colonial Policies and the Cattle Economy,…

Fotaki, Marianna - The Psychosocial and Organization Studies, ebook

The Psychosocial and Organization Studies

Fotaki, Marianna


Table of contents
1. Prologue: Ian Parker on the psychosocial, psychoanalysis and critical psychology in conversation with Marianna Fotaki
Ian Parker, Marianna Fotaki
2. Introduction
Kate Kenny, Marianna Fotaki
Section I. The Psychosocial…