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Arestis, Philip  - What global economic crisis?, ebook

What global economic crisis?

Arestis, Philip


One issue of great importance to modern policymakers is the relationship between globalization and economic crisis. With unprecedented trends towards globalization (in part propelled by developments in information technology), the repercussions of economic

Cohen, S. I. - Economic Systems Analysis and Policies, ebook

Economic Systems Analysis and Policies

Cohen, S. I.


The Firm Intensive System: Economic Challenges and Agent Responses in US, EU, Japan
S. I. Cohen
4. The Firm Intensive System: Polity Functioning and National Accommodations in US, EU, Japan
S. I. Cohen
5. The State Intensive System: Past Polity of the

Drabik, Dusan - The Economics of Biofuel Policies, ebook

The Economics of Biofuel Policies

Drabik, Dusan


How Biofuel Policies Ushered in the New Era of High and Volatile Grain and Oilseed Prices
Harry Gorter, Dusan Drabik, David R. Just
3. The Economics of Biofuel Policies: The Theory of Corn-Ethanol and Ethanol-Gasoline Price

Arestis, Philip - Fiscal and Debt Policies for the Future, ebook

Fiscal and Debt Policies for the Future

Arestis, Philip


Future Fiscal and Debt Policies: Germany in the Context of the European Monetary Union
Eckhard Hein, Achim Truger
4. Sustainable Future Fiscal and Debt Policies: Lessons from and for Spain
Jesús Ferreiro, Carmen Gómez,