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Barnes, Trevor J. - Reading Economic Geography, ebook

Reading Economic Geography

Barnes, Trevor J.


Brings together the most important research contributions to economic geography. Editorial commentary makes the material accessible for students. The editors are highly respected in their field.

Khawar, Mariam - The Geography of Underdevelopment, ebook

The Geography of Underdevelopment

Khawar, Mariam


Whither Geography? Reviewing its Impact on Economic Development
Mariam Khawar
2. Pinpointing the Tropical Effect – The Relevance of Climate
Mariam Khawar
3. North Versus South – An Examination of Regional Comparative Development in Italy and Brazil

Barnes, Trevor J. - A Companion to Economic Geography, ebook

A Companion to Economic Geography

Barnes, Trevor J.


A Companion to Economic Geography presents students of human geography with an essential collection of original essays providing a key to understanding this important subdiscipline. The contributions are written

Ratter, Beate M.W. - Geography of Small Islands, ebook

Geography of Small Islands

Ratter, Beate M.W.


Introduction to the Geography of Small Islands
Beate M. W. Ratter
2. Genesis of Islands
Beate M. W. Ratter
3. Cultural History of Islands
Beate M. W. Ratter
4. Geopolitics of Small Islands
Beate M. W. Ratter
5. Socio-spatial and Globalised

Boyle, Mark - Human Geography: A Concise Introduction, ebook

Human Geography: A Concise Introduction

Boyle, Mark


Using the story of the “West and the world” as its backdrop, this book provides for beginning students a clear and concise introduction to Human Geography, including its key concepts, seminal thinkers and their theories, contemporary debates, and celebrated case studies.

Miron, John R. - The Geography of Competition, ebook

The Geography of Competition

Miron, John R.


Table of contents
1. The Craft of the Story Teller
John R. Miron
2. The Firm at Home and Abroad
John R. Miron
3. Logistics and Programming
John R. Miron
4. The Struggling Masses
John R. Miron
5. Arbitrage in the Grand…