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Arestis, Philip  - What global economic crisis?, ebook

What global economic crisis?

Arestis, Philip


One issue of great importance to modern policymakers is the relationship between globalization and economic crisis. With unprecedented trends towards globalization (in part propelled by developments in information technology),

Walby, Sylvia - Crisis, ebook


Walby, Sylvia


We are living in a time of crisis which has cascaded through society. Financial crisis has led to an economic crisis of recession and unemployment; an ensuing fiscal crisis over

Stankov, Petar - Economic Freedom and Welfare Before and After the Crisis, ebook

Economic Freedom and Welfare Before and After the Crisis

Stankov, Petar


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Petar Stankov
2. Contemporary Views on Welfare and Reforms
Petar Stankov
3. Policies and Reforms
Petar Stankov
4. Policy Convergence Vs. Welfare Convergence
Petar Stankov
5. Welfare and Reforms: Evidence
Petar Stankov
6. Crises, Welfare, and Populism

Rockoff, Hugh - Coping with Financial Crises, ebook

Coping with Financial Crises

Rockoff, Hugh


Reflections on the Evolution of Financial Crises: Theory, History and Empirics
Michael D. Bordo
2. The International Contagion of Short-Run Interest Rates During the Great Depression
Samuel Maveyraud, Antoine Parent
3. Banking Crises