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Cantner, Uwe - Foundations of Economic Change, ebook

Foundations of Economic Change

Cantner, Uwe


Introduction: Foundations of Economic Change—Behavior, Interaction and Aggregate Outcomes
Uwe Cantner, Andreas Pyka
Part I. Foundations of Economic Change
2. Foundations of Economic

Weber, Lars - Demographic Change and Economic Growth, ebook

Demographic Change and Economic Growth

Weber, Lars


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lars Weber
2. Demographic Determinants and Economic Impact
Lars Weber
3. Neoclassical Growth Theories
Lars Weber
4. Demographic Growth Model
Lars Weber
5. Scenario and Policy Analysis
Lars Weber
6. Conclusion and Outlook
Lars Weber

Rao, P.K. - The Architecture of Green Economic Policies, ebook

The Architecture of Green Economic Policies

Rao, P.K.


Formulation of Green Economic Policies: Optimality, Efficiency and Equity
P. K. Rao
5. Institutions and Policy Design
P. K. Rao
6. Reform of Policies of Global Institutions
P. K. Rao
7. Green Economic Policies:

Barnes, Trevor J. - Economic Geography: A Critical Introduction, ebook

Economic Geography: A Critical Introduction

Barnes, Trevor J.


"Two of economic geography's most gifted practitioners here offer an analysis of their sub-discipline full of insight, verve, and attitude. Their wide and deep understanding of economic geography as a heterodox, contested field of knowledge allows them

Blume, Lawrence E. - Economic Growth, ebook

Economic Growth

Blume, Lawrence E.


Table of contents
1. balanced growth
Johnathan Temple
2. biased and unbiased technological change
Peter L. Rousseau
3. classical economics and economic growth
Gavin Cameron
4. convergence
Steven N. Durlauf, Paul A. Johnson
5. creative destruction
Ricardo J. Caballero
6. Easterlin hypothesis