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Soininvaara, Taavi - Ebola-Helsinki, ebook


Soininvaara, Taavi


Tappava ebola-virus rantautuu Helsinkiin Korkeasaaren eläintarhan tilaamien apinoiden mukana. Apinat ovat turvassa tutkimuslaitoksella, ja nuori leipääntynyt tutkija Arto Ratamo kehittelee vastalääkettä kovalla kiireellä. Kun vastalääke vihdoin löytyy, siitä yrittävät hyötyä

Wallace, Robert G. - Neoliberal Ebola, ebook

Neoliberal Ebola

Wallace, Robert G.


Did Ebola Emerge in West Africa by a Policy-Driven Phase Change in Agroecology?
Robert G. Wallace, Marius Gilbert, Rodrick Wallace, Claudia Pittiglio, Raffaele Mattioli, Richard Kock
2. Ebola in the Hog Sector: Modeling Pandemic Emergence in Commodity Livestock

Lahai, John Idriss - The Ebola Pandemic in Sierra Leone, ebook

The Ebola Pandemic in Sierra Leone

Lahai, John Idriss


The Ebola Pandemic: Meaning, Origins, and the Pathways of Eruption and Spread
John Idriss Lahai
3. Representations: Between Uncertainty, Epistemology and Political Dominance
John Idriss Lahai
4. Interventions: How Actors Mediated Between and Honoured

Goldstein, Jack - The World's Deadliest Epidemics, ebook

The World's Deadliest Epidemics

Goldstein, Jack


For as long as humans have lived on this earth, nature has done its very best to rid the planet of us. This book not only looks back at a number of times in recorded history where the future of our very existence was put in jeopardy, but also asks whether…

Pennington, Hugh - Have Bacteria Won?, ebook

Have Bacteria Won?

Pennington, Hugh


He reports on outright victories (such as smallpox), battles where the enemy is on its last stand (polio), surprise attacks from vegetarian bats (Ebola, SARS) and demented cows (BSE). Qualified optimism, he argues, is the message for the future but the battles will

Chen, Lin Hwei - Infectious Diseases: A Geographic Guide, ebook

Infectious Diseases: A Geographic Guide

Chen, Lin Hwei


Geographic approach means that it's the only book to guide the health care worker towards a diagnosis based on the location of symptoms and travel history by encouraging the question ?where have you been?? New content covering MERS, Ebola, Zika, and infections

Hensley, Lisa L. - Marburg- and Ebolaviruses, ebook

Marburg- and Ebolaviruses

Hensley, Lisa L.


West Africa 2013 Ebola: From Virus Outbreak to Humanitarian Crisis
Daniel G. Bausch
4. Clinical Management of Ebola Virus Disease Patients in Low-Resource Settings
Armand Sprecher, Michel Herp, Pierre E. Rollin