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Rhodes, Frank H. T. - Language of the Earth: A Literary Anthology, ebook

Language of the Earth: A Literary Anthology

Rhodes, Frank H. T.


Man's complex relationship to planet Earth is explored in this second edition of the landmark anthology edited by Frank Rhodes and Bruce Malamud. This volume provides a portrait of the planet as experienced not just by scientists, but by artists, aviators, poets, philosophers, novelists,

Rivera, Nelson - The Earth Is Our Home, ebook

The Earth Is Our Home

Rivera, Nelson


This book demonstrates that Mary Midgley's philosophy of evolution points the way towards considering the earth as our only true home, since we are products of this planet and its evolving and complex life along with every other organism. From the knowledge of ourselves as knowing animals

Talent, John A. - Earth and Life, ebook

Earth and Life

Talent, John A.


Evolutionary Scenario of the Early History of the Animal Kingdom: Evidence from Precambrian (Ediacaran) Weng’an and Early Cambrian Maotianshan Biotas, China
Jun-Yuan Chen
11. The Ordovician Radiation: Macroevolutionary Crossroads of the Phanerozoic

Haapala, Ilmari - From the Earth's Core to Outer Space, ebook

From the Earth's Core to Outer Space

Haapala, Ilmari


Seismic Structure of Earth’s Crust in Finland
Pekka Heikkinen
4. Evolution of the Bedrock of Finland: An Overview
Raimo Lahtinen
5. Craton Mantle Formation and Structure of Eastern Finland Mantle: Evidence from Kimberlite-Derived Mantle Xenoliths,

Steinberg, Ted - Down to Earth : Nature's Role in American History, ebook

Down to Earth : Nature's Role in American History

Steinberg, Ted


A tour de force of writing and analysis, Down to Earth offers a sweeping history of our nation, one that for the first time places the environment at the very center of our story. Writing with marvelous clarity, historian Ted Steinberg sweeps