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Dent, David - The Black Earth, ebook

The Black Earth

Dent, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Igori Arcadie Krupenikov, Boris P. Boincean, David Dent
2. The Soil Cover
Igori Arcadie Krupenikov, Boris P. Boincean, David Dent
3. Soil Texture and Structure
Igori Arcadie Krupenikov, Boris P.…

Ferronsky, V. I. - Dynamics of the Earth, ebook

Dynamics of the Earth

Ferronsky, V. I.


Irrelevance of the Hydrostatics Model and the Earth’s Dynamic Equilibrium
V. I. Ferronsky, S. V. Ferronsky
3. Fundamentals of the Theory of Dynamic Equilibrium
V. I. Ferronsky, S. V. Ferronsky
4. Solution of Jacobi’s Virial Equation for Conservative

Rhodes, Frank H. T. - Language of the Earth: A Literary Anthology, ebook

Language of the Earth: A Literary Anthology

Rhodes, Frank H. T.


Man's complex relationship to planet Earth is explored in this second edition of the landmark anthology edited by Frank Rhodes and Bruce Malamud. This volume provides a portrait of the planet as experienced not just by scientists, but by artists, aviators, poets, philosophers, novelists,

Saha, Kshudiram - The Earth’s Atmosphere, ebook

The Earth’s Atmosphere

Saha, Kshudiram


The Sun and the Earth – The Solar System and the Earth’s Gravitation
Kshudiram Saha
2. The Earth’s Atmosphere – Its Origin, Composition and Properties
Kshudiram Saha
3. Heat and Thermodynamics of the Atmosphere

Camacho, Antonio G. - Earth Sciences and Mathematics, ebook

Earth Sciences and Mathematics

Camacho, Antonio G.


Introduction to Earth Sciences and Mathematics, Volume II
A. G. Camacho, J. I. Díaz, J. Fernández
2. On the Mathematical Analysis of an Elastic-gravitational Layered Earth Model for Magmatic Intrusion: The Stationary

Talent, John A. - Earth and Life, ebook

Earth and Life

Talent, John A.


Table of contents
Part I. Articles of a General Nature
1. Phanerozoic Marine Biodiversity: A Fresh Look at Data, Methods, Patterns and Processes
Martin Aberhan, Wolfgang Kiessling
2. Coordinated Stasis Reconsidered: A Perspective at Fifteen…

L?cuyer, Christophe - Water on Earth, ebook

Water on Earth

L?cuyer, Christophe


The presence of water on Earth is discussed in this book using various theories about its origin as a basis. These theories include a massive degassing of the primitive parent bodies that built our planet as well as a late addition from comets that collided with the Earth’s surface.