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Dykens, James A. - Drug-Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction, ebook

Drug-Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Dykens, James A.


This is the authoritative reference on drug-induced mitochondrial dysfunction for safety assessment professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and for pharmacologists and toxicologists in both drug and environmental health sciences.

Bradshaw, Elissa - Bowel Dysfunction, ebook

Bowel Dysfunction

Bradshaw, Elissa


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. The Background
Brigitte Collins, Elissa Bradshaw
2. Anatomy and Physiology of the Large Bowel (Colon) and Pelvic Floor
Alan Askari
3. The Epidemiology of Faecal Incontinence and Constipation

Pfeiffer, Ronald F. - Parkinson’s Disease and Nonmotor Dysfunction, ebook

Parkinson’s Disease and Nonmotor Dysfunction

Pfeiffer, Ronald F.


Behavioral Dysfunction in Parkinson’s Disease
1. Depression in Parkinson’s Disease: An Update
Jeana L. Benton, Steven P. Wengel, William J. Burke
2. Anxiety in Parkinson’s Disease
Tanya Simuni, Hubert H. Fernandez
3. Obsessionality

Lencioni, Patrick M. - The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable, ebook

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable

Lencioni, Patrick M.


In The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Patrick Lencioni once again offers a leadership fable that is as enthralling and instructive as his first two best-selling books, The Five Temptations of a CEO and The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive. This time, he turns his keen intellect

Minhas, Suks - Male Sexual Dysfunction: A Clinical Guide, ebook

Male Sexual Dysfunction: A Clinical Guide

Minhas, Suks


Sexual dysfunction affects men of all ages and incidence rates are expected to double by 2025 resulting in a major health burden. Though normal sexual function is an important aspect of health and well-being, sadly, this common condition still carries an associated stigma. As a result, affected

McVary, Kevin T. - Contemporary Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, ebook

Contemporary Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

McVary, Kevin T.


Epidemiology of Erectile Dysfunction and Key Risk Factors
Ray C. Rosen, Varant Kupelian
5. Etiology and Risk Factors of Erectile Dysfunction
Lauren N. Byrne, Desiderio Avila, Allen D. Seftel, Mohit Khera, Pankit T. Parikh
6. Making the Diagnosis of