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Iverson, Suzanne L. - Metabolite Safety in Drug Development, ebook

Metabolite Safety in Drug Development

Iverson, Suzanne L.


A reference on drug metabolism and metabolite safety in the development phase, this book reviews the analytical techniques and experimental designs critical for metabolite studies. It features case studies of lessons learned and real world examples,

Mannhold, Raimund - Molecular Drug Properties, ebook

Molecular Drug Properties

Mannhold, Raimund


All the chapters are written by experienced drug developers and include practical examples from real drug candidates. Following an introduction to global drug properties and their impact on

Kirchmair, Johannes - Drug Metabolism Prediction, ebook

Drug Metabolism Prediction

Kirchmair, Johannes


The first professional reference on this highly relevant topic, for drug developers, pharmacologists and toxicologists.
The authors provide more than a systematic overview of computational tools and knowledge bases for drug metabolism research and

Kalgutkar, Amit S. - Reactive Drug Metabolites, ebook

Reactive Drug Metabolites

Kalgutkar, Amit S.


The first chapters trace the development of our understanding of drug metabolite toxicity, covering basic concepts and techniques in the process, while the second part details chemical toxicophores that are prone to reactive metabolite

Clercq, Erik De - Antiviral Drug Strategies, ebook

Antiviral Drug Strategies

Clercq, Erik De

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By focusing on general molecular mechanisms of antiviral drugs rather than therapies for individual viruses, this ready reference provides the critical knowledge needed to develop entirely novel therapeutics and to target new viruses.

It begins with a general discussion of antiviral