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Roberts, Jason A. - Drug Dosing in Obesity, ebook

Drug Dosing in Obesity

Roberts, Jason A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Syed Tabish R. Zaidi
2. Penicillins
Iain J. Abbott, Kelly A. Cairns
3. Cephalosporins
Carmela Corallo, Syed Tabish R. Zaidi
4. Aminoglycoside Dosing in Obesity
Janattul-Ain Jamal, Jason A. Roberts
5. Fluoroquinolones
Renee Dimond, Rahul P. Patel, Syed

Burckart, Gilbert - Fundamentals of Pediatric Drug Dosing, ebook

Fundamentals of Pediatric Drug Dosing

Burckart, Gilbert


Table of contents
1. Pediatric Drug Development and the Regulatory Changes That Are Creating the Science of Pediatric Dosing
Gilbert J. Burckart
2. Pediatric Physiology
Iftekhar Mahmood
3. Developmental Pharmacology: Impact on Pharmacokinetics…

Engel, Jerome - The Treatment of Epilepsy, ebook

The Treatment of Epilepsy

Engel, Jerome


The Treatment of Epilepsy, fourth edition, is a comprehensive reference and clinical guide to the pharmacological, medical and surgical options available in the treatment of epilepsy.
The text is compiled by a group of internationally renowned…

Citrome, Leslie - Handbook of Treatment-resistant Schizophrenia, ebook

Handbook of Treatment-resistant Schizophrenia

Citrome, Leslie


Table of contents
Part I. Before Categorizing Someone as Treatment-Resistant
1. Introduction
Leslie Citrome
2. A General Treatment Approach
Leslie Citrome
3. Adherence: The Great Masquerader of Treatment-Resistance
Leslie Citrome
4. Dosing of Antipsychotics: What Evidence Do We Use?

Mittelman, Steven D. - Energy Balance and Hematologic Malignancies, ebook

Energy Balance and Hematologic Malignancies

Mittelman, Steven D.


The Impact of Obesity on Pharmacokinetics and Dosing of Leukemia Chemotherapy
Jennifer Kendrick, Dawn Warkentin, Mary H. H. Ensom
6. The Impact of Obesity on Stem Cell Transplant
Willis H. Navarro, Fausto R. Loberiza
7. Obesity Following Childhood Cancer:

Hahn, Alicia - Zoo and Wild Mammal Formulary, ebook

Zoo and Wild Mammal Formulary

Hahn, Alicia


Zoo and Wild Mammal Formulary offers fast access to authoritative dosing information for drugs used in more than 35 zoo and wild mammal groups, including marsupials, bears, and elephants. Taking an easy-to-use tabular format, the book is organized by taxa, with drug doses sorted by type