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Pateman, Carole - The Contract and Domination, ebook

The Contract and Domination

Pateman, Carole


Contract and Domination offers a bold challenge to contemporary contract theory, arguing that it should either be fundamentally rethought or abandoned altogether. Since the publication of John Rawls's A Theory of Justice, contract theory has once again become central to the Western political

Hibou, Béatrice - The Political Anatomy of Domination, ebook

The Political Anatomy of Domination

Hibou, Béatrice


The Legitimation of Authoritarian Domination: Dispositions to Obey and Constellation of Interests
1. Desire for Normality, Normative Processes and Power of Normalization
Béatrice Hibou
2. Believing and Getting Others to Believe: The Subjective Motives of

Schuppert, Fabian - Freedom, Recognition and Non-Domination, ebook

Freedom, Recognition and Non-Domination

Schuppert, Fabian


Table of contents
1. The Nature of Free Rational Agency
Fabian Schuppert
2. Analysing Freedom and Autonomy: Recognition, Responsibility and Threats to Agency
Fabian Schuppert
3. Needs, Interests and Rights
Fabian Schuppert

Wilson, Jon E. - The Domination of Strangers, ebook

The Domination of Strangers

Wilson, Jon E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jon E. Wilson
2. Comparing Eighteenth-Century Polities
Jon E. Wilson
3. Crisis, Anxiety and the Making of a New Order
Jon E. Wilson
4. Colonial Indecision and the Origins of the Hindu Joint…

Soeur, Vashti La - Under The Lash, ebook

Under The Lash

Soeur, Vashti La


Cyril has lost his way in the winding country lanes and asks for help from an isolated farmhouse, only to find himself walking into a world where women are superior, all men are inferior and where gay love coupled with supreme submission and domination is a way of life!

Downes, Nick - Lured Into Submission, ebook

Lured Into Submission

Downes, Nick


Margaret is married to an aristocrat who treats her like a slave, which, in some strange way, she rather enjoys. But her husband has darker plans than she ever dreamt of. Her orders are to find a beautiful, innocent victim and she sets her sights on the…

Kerr, Gordon - Submission, ebook


Kerr, Gordon


In this world people suffer horribly under the rule of the masters, a world where rebellion is swiftly curbed and all women enslaved! Once again Gordon Kerr brings us a story of Interracial domination.

Cooper, Cathryn - Change Partners, ebook

Change Partners

Cooper, Cathryn


The changing room at the gym is a great place to show off for macho males like Michael, Jamie and Thomas. After working out, they relax by shooting the breeze. And what else is there to talk about but sex? But do the men tell the truth? Do their exotic…

Lumley, Melisa - The King's Slave, ebook

The King's Slave

Lumley, Melisa


The King, it seems, has certain ‘eccentricites’ and to Laura’s great surprise, his domination is a massive turn on and she is given the job. Her happiness does not last very long; there are power struggles afoot in this tiny island kingdom and almost immediately

Stone, Heidi - Of Pain and Delight, ebook

Of Pain and Delight

Stone, Heidi


Barely twenty years of age, Sahria has already acquired a near legendary reputation, and men vie with each other to win her, only to find themselves falling victim to her powers of domination. But suddenly the tables are turned. Her country is invaded by a ruthless