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Tuominen, Kari - Abused mothers, ebook

Abused mothers

Tuominen, Kari


Domestic abuse typically evokes pain and confusion, but when the perpetrator is one’s own son, the emotions intensify, taking on a new dimension. In her own words, author Curlie B. Williams describes her efforts to come to terms with her son’s

Mullane, Frank - Domestic Abuse, Homicide and Gender, ebook

Domestic Abuse, Homicide and Gender

Mullane, Frank


The Problem of Domestic Abuse and Homicide
Jane Monckton Smith, Amanda Williams, Frank Mullane
5. Police and Paramedics: Policy and Practice
Jane Monckton Smith, Amanda Williams, Frank Mullane
6. Interviews with

Adamsbaum, Catherine - Child Abuse, ebook

Child Abuse

Adamsbaum, Catherine


Table of contents
1. Historical Approach
Caroline Rey-Salmon, Martine Balençon, Michel Roussey
2. Definitions and an Epidemiological Approach to the Frequency of Child Abuse
Anne Tursz
3. Judicial Expertise in Europe
Sylvain Barbier Sainte Marie
4. Inflicted Cutaneous Lesions and Burns: The Skin

Bewley, Susan - ABC of Domestic and Sexual Violence, ebook

ABC of Domestic and Sexual Violence

Bewley, Susan


ABC of Domestic and Sexual Violence is a practical guide for all health care professionals who are looking after abused individuals (whether knowingly or not) and who wish to learn more in order to help their patients. It employs a positive and hands

Bakketeig, Elisiv - Collaborating Against Child Abuse, ebook

Collaborating Against Child Abuse

Bakketeig, Elisiv


Child Forensic Interviewing in Finland: Investigating Suspected Child Abuse at the Forensic Psychology Unit for Children and Adolescents
Julia Korkman, Tom Pakkanen, Taina Laajasalo
8. Sequential Interviews with Preschool Children in Norwegian Barnahus

Kaawa-Mafigiri, David - Child Abuse and Neglect in Uganda, ebook

Child Abuse and Neglect in Uganda

Kaawa-Mafigiri, David


“Situated” Understandings of Child Abuse and Maltreatment in Uganda
Gloria Kimuli Seruwagi
4. Proverbs and Child Protection: A Case Study of Three Bantu Languages: Luganda, Lusoga and Runyankole
Paul Bukuluki, Aloysious Nnyombi, Jude T. Rwemisisi,

Buzawa, Carl G. - Global Responses to Domestic Violence, ebook

Global Responses to Domestic Violence

Buzawa, Carl G.


Making Domestic Violence a Crime: Situating the Criminal Justice Response in Canada
Jennifer Fraser
4. The Evolution of the Response to Domestic Violence in the United States
Eve S. Buzawa, Carl G. Buzawa
5. Responses

Gavin, Helen - Female Aggression, ebook

Female Aggression

Gavin, Helen


This critique explodes the stereotypical assumption that men are more prone than women to aggressionA cogent and holistic assessment of the theoretical positions and research concerning female aggressionExamines the treatment, punishment and community…

Stark, Evan - Coercive Control: How Men Entrap Women in Personal Life, ebook

Coercive Control: How Men Entrap Women in Personal Life

Stark, Evan


This book attempts to bridge the gap between how men subjugate women in personal life and the domestic violence model that guides the response. I compare the current approach to the life experiences of battered women, assess the effectiveness of interventions based on this approach, provide