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Planet, Lonely - Travel With Dogs, ebook

Travel With Dogs

Planet, Lonely


Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet's Travel with Dogs is packed full of advice and tips on travelling the world with your dog. The nine chapters cover the essentials of taking your dog on vacation or holiday by car, train, boat or plane, and how to find

Leighton, Robert - Dogs and All About Them, ebook

Dogs and All About Them

Leighton, Robert


A fascinating look at all the major breeds of dog, from Bull-Terrier to Poodle, from Airedale to Whippet, from Collie to Pekinese, as well as a history of the dog, some advice on keeping and breading dogs, and a look at some common canine ailments and illnesses.

Spadafori, Gina - Dogs For Dummies, ebook

Dogs For Dummies

Spadafori, Gina


Dogs For Dummies (9781119609070) was previously published as Dogs For Dummies (9780764552748). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or updated product.

Ammen, Amy - Hip Ideas for Hyper Dogs, ebook

Hip Ideas for Hyper Dogs

Ammen, Amy


Hyper dogs are often overly energetic, wickedly smart, and incredibly stubborn. How do you turn your furry flurry of activity into a sane, mild-mannered companion? This book gives you fun, hip techniques especially for hyper dogs and harried pet parents

Bonham, Margaret H. - Bring Me Home! Dogs Make Great Pets, ebook

Bring Me Home! Dogs Make Great Pets

Bonham, Margaret H.


Information and interactive activities include:
Worksheets that help you make informed decisions, choose a breeder or a veterinarian, and more
Questions and charts to help you determine if your family is ready for dog ownership, whether to get a puppy or a dog, and more
Checklists covering

Follen, Eliza L. Cabot - The True Story About Dogs and Cats, ebook

The True Story About Dogs and Cats

Follen, Eliza L. Cabot


Eliza Lee Cabot Follen has collected here The True Story About Dogs and Cats; these wonderful episodes are told by a mother to her children. The topics are diverse: the fear of a small terrier dog in front of a big dog, the friendship between a dog and a hen, the intelligence of these animals

Towell, Todd L. - Practical Weight Management in Dogs and Cats, ebook

Practical Weight Management in Dogs and Cats

Towell, Todd L.


Practical Weight Management in Dogs and Cats is a comprehensive, clinical reference for the veterinary health team, providing the necessary tools to successfully manage pet obesity.   Bringing together specialists in nutrition, internal medicine, critical care, and surgery and rehabilitation,