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Aspin, Adam - Pro Power BI Desktop, ebook

Pro Power BI Desktop

Aspin, Adam


Extending the Data Model with Calculated Columns
Adam Aspin
8. Adding Measures to the Data Model
Adam Aspin
9. Analyzing Data over Time
Adam Aspin
10. Text-Based Visualizations
Adam Aspin
11. Charts in Power BI Desktop
Adam Aspin

Huynh, Van Nam - Knowledge and Systems Engineering, ebook

Knowledge and Systems Engineering

Huynh, Van Nam


On Horn Knowledge Bases in Regular Description Logic with Inverse
Linh Anh Nguyen, Thi-Bich-Loc Nguyen, Andrzej Szałas
7. On the Semantics of Defeasible Reasoning for Description Logic Ontologies
Viet-Hoai To, Bac Le, Mitsuru Ikeda
8. SudocAD: A

Pardalos, Panos M. - Data Mining in Biomedicine, ebook

Data Mining in Biomedicine

Pardalos, Panos M.


Recent Methodological Developments for Data Mining Problems in Biomedicine
1. Pattern-Based Discriminants in the Logical Analysis of Data
Sorin Alexe, Peter L. Hammer
2. Exploring Microarray Data with Correspondence