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Ellsworth, Belinda - Direct Selling For Dummies, ebook

Direct Selling For Dummies

Ellsworth, Belinda


Become a direct sales success story with this insider guide to making it big
Direct Selling For Dummies is the perfect resource for anyone involved or interested in direct sales. Written by a 35-year veteran of this booming industry, this useful

Longaberger, Tami - Weaving Dreams: The Joy of Work, The Love of Life, ebook

Weaving Dreams: The Joy of Work, The Love of Life

Longaberger, Tami


Tami Longaberger is CEO of The Longaberger Company, the premier U.S. manufacturer of handcrafted baskets and other home and lifestyle products. With great tenderness, transparency, and candor, this book opens her heart, offering readers a glimpse of her…

Friege, Christian - Marketing Renewable Energy, ebook

Marketing Renewable Energy

Friege, Christian


Exploiting the Economic Opportunities of the Energy Transition
Claudia Kemfert
15. Building a Renewables-Driven Power System. Successes and Challenges in Germany
Patrick Graichen, Christian Redl, Markus Steigenberger
16. Marketing Renewable Energy in